Hooray! I am a SATC Intern!

Sometimes things just line up and you’re so incredibly glad you pushed yourself to succeed! I received an offer for placement with the South Australian Tourism Commission!

My role will involve working closely with Event Coordinator, Madeline Burke, on the Town Square and City activities for the upcoming event: Tasting Australia. I will spend one day a week in the office, with another placement student, and then two weeks full-time over the duration of the event.

Last year I was lucky enough to work in the Limestone Coast stall for my great friends, Kirby and Biddie Shearing and their catering company: Soul Projects. My role involved food preparation and serving amazing dishes like roasted beetroot salad, lamb stew, brie and leek parcels, and hot apple crumble. I also got the opportunity to work with Limestone Coast wineries from Padthaway, Robe, and Coonawarra. Luckily enough, I took a break between lunch and dinner service, so I could explore the other stalls and eat incredible food from Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, and Eyre Peninsula. I also got a glimpse of Poh while she was doing a show in Victoria Square!

I had an absolute blast at the event in 2016. When I received an email in February for an opportunity for placement with SATC, working specifically on this event, I was definitely excited, but I thought to myself: No, it’s not for me, I really don’t think I will have the time to commit. Then funnily enough, one afternoon I had off, I received an email the application closing date had been extended. It must have been a sign. So I whipped up an application with the support of my wonderful friend Peter, and amazing lecturer Victoria.

I interviewed last month with Maddie and Tamara, and was so nervous! The offices were bright, high up and beautiful, I thought to myself: my gosh, this is really swanky, I hope I fit in here! But the girls were so incredibly kind, friendly and obliging. The placement opportunity offered a lot of support and engagement into a world I am dying to get into, so I left the interview feeling excited and hopeful I would get the role.

Tamara rang me two weeks ago to advise my success. I was ecstatic! It’s going to be a lot of work, and potentially new and uncomfortable circumstances but I’m ready for a new challenge and dedicated to commencing my career in event management. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be part of an event I am incredibly passionate about and gain insight into an organisation I admire and support. I start 7th March at 9:30am. Here goes everything!



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