Tasting Australia Placement Week 3


Things are getting serious! This week I am celebrating not only the release of the program for Tasting Australia 2017 but also (and MUCH more importantly) my official key card for SATC! Ooooohhh!!! Look how official and social it looks! Its even on a sexy lanyard!

Safe to say I’m getting a little more comfortable in my new environment, and starting to get friendlier with my new colleagues. Maybe a little too comfortable … someone looked at me weird when I said ‘I got them envelopes lookin’ all professh’ … but I think that street slang isn’t common in this side of town. Good thing I’m here to educate. Pretty sure all my lecturers are face palming right now. Love you Vic xo

A lot happened today. Excitingly, I absolutely nailed my one important task of mailing out the programs to the talent (harder than it sounds); I had to send 100 copies to one dude! And label-making? Forget about it! I have so much more appreciation for every letter I get that has my name and address professionally typed onto a 3.3cm x 8.8cm label stuck proudly to an envelope!

I also attended my third work-in-progress meeting for Town Square. I found I was making less notes and paying more attention to conversation. Thank goodness for my hospo background that fills in the gaps, otherwise the lingo would leave me completely crosseyed! Sous, COGS, pass, bump in. I’m becoming more of a participator which helps me to feel more connected to the cause.

Also, I learnt today I will be heavily involved with the Chef’s Supper Club, which is an exclusive event in the Glasshouse Restaurant, at Town Square. In this unique evening, 20 chefs will prepare 20 different snacks, all under the one roof! Big names you will see there include Ana Ros (Hiša Franko, Slovenia), Mitch Orr (ACME, Sydney), Nic Watt (Madame Hanoi, Adelaide) and Sean Connolly (Sean’s Kitchen, Adelaide). Also, the team from East End Cellars will be providing matching wine tastings. It will be a fun night to mingle and sample unique tastings from a variety of talents, all in one spot. Actually, I hope I will get to serve the food too, because that would be so much fun!

Side note: I’m relieved I didn’t have a heavy workload on today. Because, I’ll level with you – I really don’t know if I have what it takes to be successful in this role. Doubt and insecurities are starting to creep in. I ask myself “Am I too stupid to be here?” “Am I too old to be here?” “Am I doing enough to prove I am worthy of this opportunity?”.

Look, it could be lack of sleep and increased study stress encouraging these emotions, but it’s what is up. This environment has taken me out of my comfort zone of clattering plates, fresh margherita pizza out of the oven, “coffee up!”, hot sweet pastries, twist of orange over a Negroni, musica italiana, and lots of laughing, embraces and cheerful people. I guess I miss it. And I’m always hungry …

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful for this opportunity, I’m simply noting my appreciation for my current workplace and its vibrancy. Office life is a little colder, so I’ve noticed. Maybe even the fact that I’m a senior at Mercato gives me comfort and security, whereas in my placement role, I’m the first rung on the ladder and it’s all so new and scary. It’s an awkward feeling for sure! I wonder if I will fit in, and if I can grow to make it my own. A bit of space always helps, so I’m looking forward to brainstorming ways I can improve on this awkward circumstance and put these ideas into practice next week. Things are looking up!

Also, over the weekend I received an email about a role that just opened up at the very place I am interning: Associated Events Coordinator for the Tour Down Under. Tell me this is not my dream role coming to call my name! So, its time to tell that inner critic-witch to take a hike, and get my hustle on; apply for this role and, hopefully, at least score an interview. Practice makes perfect, and I believe there is no time like the present. I can’t let fear and doubts hold me back from going for my dreams. I fully plan to fail at least 50 times before getting my goal anyway, it wouldn’t be worth it without it! Every step I take is one step closer right? No time for doubt, gotta make magic happen girl!

Aaaand, one new project I learned about today, and am very excited to share, is the Living Library. You are getting the exclusive on this because it is not even advertised on the website yet … here’s the scoop: it is an opportunity for interactive session with chefs and guests presenting at Town Square, post their Q&A or demonstration, in a small makeshift bookshop with coffee and treats. Does’t that just sound like dream come true?! I will learn more next week but Maddie did imply that I may be taking more of an ownership role towards this activity. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t be more thrilled! Can’t wait to really start getting my hands on this project!

Here’s to making dreams come true, regardless what hurdles we come up against xo


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