Tasting Australia Placement Week 4

I can’t believe we’re already a month into placement. And the event is roughly 4 more weeks away. What a whirlwind. I’m sure it’ll be over before I know it, so I’d better savour as much as I can.

Each week I am learning so much more. I can’t stress how big this event is. The logistics are intricate yet demanding. Every piece of the puzzle gets examined in finite detail, if one screw is lose it could create a chain of disaster. This observation comes from the Town Square Work In Progress Meeting. Details will remain confidential, but my notes, and thoughts, are going to be of great assistance in my own event planning in the future.

I also realise how much I am eager to get into the nitty gritty of this event. I don’t care what my task is, I just want something to take care of and put my passion into. Coming up in the next few weeks is the finalisation of the Chef Supper Club, Chef’s Journey, and Living Library which I will be heavily involved in, thankfully. Too much energy and not enough patience. Its a diagnosed illness and I am undertaking shock treatments. Thank you for your concern.

Onto todays learning.

Did you know that Adelaide has been named as one of the Great Wine Capitals  of the world? Alongside Bordeaux, Mendoza, Napa Valley, and Mainz Rheinhessen, our humble SA city is featured on the Great Wine Capitals website, which showcases 10 exclusive regions. Actually we are the only city in the Southern Hemisphere to have this title. Luckily for us, the regional guide encourages interested parties to visit all South Australian Wineries, such as Barossa, McLaren Vale, Kangaroo Island, and also Padthaway, Robe AND Coonawarra.

To commemorate this outstanding achievement, The Fruitful Pursuit will be hosting an exclusive event giving guests the opportunity to blind taste SA wines alongside huge global names in the industry – testing their skill in determining which is which. Great Wine Voyage is being held Sunday 30th April at Adelaide East & West End. Tickets are a total steal at only $65 per person.

Secondly, I discovered that May is Aussie Wine Month, and there are a bunch of cool events happening all over the nation to celebrate. Some of the awesome things Tasting Australia are doing include:

Heroine’s Soul to Glass – An exciting evening showcasing the wonderful women wine makers in South Australia. Held in the Fleurieu Peninsula at Fall from Grace, the line up features 22 home-grown names including Sue Bell of Bellweather Wines in Coonawarra, and my own WSET II lecturer: Gill Gordon-Smith from Fall from Grace Wines.

Fresh Wine Disco – This is a stand out event, pushing boundaries and showing SA something it has never seen before. Taras Ochota from Ochota Barrels is hosting this afternoon by inviting guests to sample over 30 different wine varieties – all made with low intervention. The evening will progress with 70s/80s disco tunes to make it a rocking party. Don’t tell my mum, we’d have to drag her out …

Fizzology @ Sinclair’s Gully – As a lover of bubble and spark, this event really lights me up. The team at Sinclair’s Gully will guide guests through the delicate process of making sparkling wine, including the exciting opportunity to dose, cork and label a 94-point drop.

My main task today focused on advertising for wine events happening during the week of Tasting Australia, which lead to my discovery of the above, as well as many more incredible opportunities. If you haven’t seen the full list of events, check out the Tasting Australia Program. I will give a special mention to the unique masterclasses being offered by East End Cellars, in Town Square during the week of the festivities.

Star Struck Moment: Today I sent out programs to two of my idols, My Kitchen Rules contestants: Sammy and Bella. The girls are going to be offering free Masterclasses at Westfield Marion, Tea Tree Plaza, and West Lakes. I also discovered they will be cooking in Charred! Glee!

Some things I need to research before next week:

  1. Public Liability Insurance and how it relates to the event industry
  2. What is a ‘Late Night Flight’?
  3. Can I smash out 50x chocolate muffins, next Monday night, to bring in to the office next week?

I know I probably write this in every post but I just want to acknowledge how much of an incredible opportunity this is for me. I am transported back to 2007 when I was working in travel and longed for something that would get me closer to the community and showcase all the marvels that South Australia has to offer. That’s when I knew I had to work for SATC and I am constantly star struck by my Tuesday environment. Even getting ready to leave is exciting!

This really feels like a place where I can nurture my love for the region and utilise my passion and creativity to its full potential. As Yi and I collaborate behind the scenes and begin to take small ownership of the project, I begin to see how much gold lies within this placement opportunity, and I am so grateful to be exposed to this world that I could only dream about all those years ago.

I hope you feel you’re getting closer to your dreams every day you get up too xo


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