Tasting Australia Placement Week 5

Tasting Australia Brochure - Glasshouse Kitchen

We are getting sooooo close! Can you feel it?! There’s magic in the air … and layout plans in my hands. You know this is getting so real. Come on people, get excited … theres less than 4 weeks to go!

This week has been focused on tying up lose ends. My first dutu today involved a meeting with Maddie and Ross to discuss DJ scheduling and contacts for the two stages in Town Square. We plotted these names and timeslots onto a spreadsheet which I took to create a roster. The contacts are all personal friends of Ross, so he has done the hard work, and next week I will follow up. Securing these guys is going to provide a decent vibe for the entire event, they are playing essentially all day, and will only break when the Chef’s Journey takes over. Speaking of which, a small schedule has been released for Chef’s Journey paritcipants. Yes Maria, there is still a chance to see Marco!

Sunday 30 April

12:00pm – Duncan Weigemoed

2:30pm – Lennox Hastie

5:00pm – Sophie Zalokar

Wednesday 03 May

5:30pm – Analiese Gregory

6:00pm – Alex Herbert

6:30pm – Marco Pierre White

After the weekly Work In Progress meeting, I was invited to attend a newly formed meeting committee: Glasshouse Logistics and Operations. Headed up by Simon and Maddie, the focus of this group is to work out the nuts and bolts of the Glasshouses. This is no small matter, some of the topics on the table include: Front of House, Back of House, Cleaning, Uniforms, Linen and Napkins, Table Settings, Table Runners, Wine and Food Pairing, Menu Designs, Insurance, Resposible Persons, Accesisbility Plan. And this is just skimming the surface! Thank good ness for my hospitality background, I actually understood, and was able to keep up with the speedy conversation. Also, this is a major relief that I actually get what is going on in this part of the festival, because as of next week I will be liaising with Simon and Janette to write the meeting minutes and agenda.

Chef’s Supper Club is the only Glasshouse event which still has tickets available. This is the Gala Event of the festival with a line-up of 20 chefs cooking 20 different canapes combined with a selection of 7 wine pourings from East End Cellars. Featured stars on the night include Ana Ros (Hiša Franko, Slovenia), Mitch Orr (ACME, Sydney), Nic Watt (Madame Hanoi, Adelaide) and Sean Connolly (Sean’s Kitchen, Adelaide). This going to be a gorgeous cocktail evening and final hurrah to Tasting Australia 2017, so clear your calender for Saturday 6th May, get out that gorgeous evening dress, and join us for a crisp elegant bubbly matched with some sensational snacks.

Actually, tickets for all events are selling really quickly. Even the Flavours of Campbelltown event is nearly sold out with Tuesday 02 May completley gone, and Monday 01 May not far behind. This unique tour starts with pick up from Victoria Square and onto Elbios in Newton for morning tea; next stop Bread Butter for a bread making demonstration; Mercato for a pasta masterclass, lunch and a glass of wine; on to Continental Taralli for a look at factory and tastings; and round off with gelati from Gelato Bello. Each producer will share intimate stories of their history and heritage before departing back to Victoria Square. How amazing does that sound? I would love to be on this tour!

I’ve discovered I will have Thursday 04 May to myself so I’m defintley checking out what is happining, right now I can’t quite decide between these awesome options:

  1. Heroine’s Table

Held at The Salopian Inn, this evening celebrates incredible female chefs in the industry. Esteemed Fleurieu Peninsula chef Karena Armstrong, and popular Sydney chef and Maggie Beer alumna Alex Herbert,  will be hosting this 3 course meal and beverage regional package, showing that while men may have more public profiles in the industry, women certainly match them in skill and finesse. In addition to these fabulous talents, the panel speakers include Analiese Gregory (Bar Brose, Sydney), Sue Bell (Bellwether Wines) and Michelle McColl (Kalangadoo Organics). How can I say no to some incredible home-grown heros?

2. Taste The Market Dinner

As one of my favourite places in Adelaide, I would love to attend the Central Market for full-blown foodie event. This four-course tasting menu will showcase South Australian artisan food from the market and the best of local seasonal produce, with the opporunity to mingle with the market personalities and learn their connection to the food prepared. The Adelaide Farmers’ Market is passionate about ensuring our market goers are connected to the food that they eat, and it’s such a joy to visit the market on any ordinary day, I can imagine an evening with them will be a great way to enjoy great market produce and learn the story behind each dish.

3. Experience Chocolate

If you know me, you know I love chocolate and this event would give me a whole hour with the boutique, artisan chocolatier of the Adelaide Hills, Red Cacao, gaining a first-hand introduction to the wonder of chocolate making. The master chocolatier and founder of Red Cacao, Marcus Booth-Remmers, will lead the event showing how their chocolates are made including knowledge on single origin chocolates where you can taste how each growing region provides a unique flavour profile to the chocolate. Marcus will talk about how our chocolate is carefully crafted, its health benefits, suggested flavour combinations and how Red Cacao use local dairy producers, berry growers and coffee roasters to create a complete Adelaide Hills taste experience.

Decisions decisions.

My last task of the day was to arrange for distribvtion of the Marco Pierre White book: White Heat. These are going to people attending Marco’s Glasshouse event on Tuesday 02 May, as part of the ticket price. Honestly, I didn’t even know this book existed, but I’ve looked at some reviews since being introduced, and it seems to be a global phenomenon. Here’s what Booktopia says:

A 25th anniversary edition of the classic cookbook from the ‘enfant terrible’ of the UK restaurant scene, with a new 64-page section including previously unpublished photographs and commentary from Jason Atherton, Gordon Ramsay and Tom Kerridge.

Once in a blue moon a book is published that changes irrevocably the face of things. White Heat is one such book. Since it was originally produced in 1990, it has gone on to become one of the most enduring classic cookbooks of our time. With its unique blend of outspoken opinion, recipes and dramatic photographs by the late legendary photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, White Heat captures the magic and spirit of Marco Pierre White in the heat of his kitchen.

This 25th anniversary edition features brand new material, including photographs from the late Bob Carlos Clarke and contributions from James Steen, Lindsey Carlos Clarke and a host of high-profile chefs: Jason Atherton, Sat Bains, Mario Batali, Raymond Blanc, Anthony Bourdain, Adam Byatt, David Chang, Phil Howard, Tom Kerridge, Paul Kitching, Pierre Koffmann, Gordon Ramsay and Jock Zonfrillo.

I might just have to see if I can get a copy of it myself … and if I’m still going to be working in the Living Library (TBC) I may even get the chance to meet him!

Stardom here I come xo


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