Tasting Australia Placement Week 6


Autumn is here, and Easter is just around the corner!

Today SATC took us out on a pre-Easter treat to the “Sparkle Shop” otherwise known as the Christmas Pageant warehouse. This where all the magical floats live! Here we met the operations team responsible for all the behind-the-scenes Christmas magic such as float maintenance, front car design and decoration, costumes, office management, and construction hands. We got a lovely tour of the site and I got to pretend I was Alice in Wonderland! We also got the exclusive scoop on two new float designs for 2017, one I am particularly excited about because it has a certain Muppet theme …

After this exciting adventure, the day got incredibly busy for me!

First up was the Work In Progress Meeting for Town Square where we are starting to really finalise everything. Today I learned Oz Harvest will be involved, and we will be raising money for their organisation, which I truly support. We also provide donations at Mercato, so it’s great that this incredible initiative is getting the support it needs to continue their brilliant work.

The menus for the Glasshouse Dinner events are being drafted. They are very simple and elegant in design and provide a smooth touch to the formal evening. Also, we are not having table runners (previously designed with a Tasting Australia logo and funky food and beverage design), but the Food and Beverage Manager will put together something simple and elegant using a plain black base. I also picked up that Austin Bloom would be involved, and they will surely provide a fresh, and vivacious feel. Finally, we will be trialling vinyl on the Glasshouse floors for reduced acoustics and heat insulation.

Onto the event festivities update!

Thursday 4th May is being themed as “A Taste of Asia” in Town Square. In Charred the featured chefs hail from a variety of eateries including Coal Cellar + Grill, Adelaide Casino, Comida, and La Boca.

This is also now the only time to get your hands on Paul Carmichael’s food. Originally from the island of Barbados, he is passionate about preserving tradition and bringing people together over food. Paul studied at the culinary institute of America before moving to New York City where he worked in kitchens at WD-50, Asiate and Aquavit. He took the plunge and moved to Sydney in 2015 and became executive chef at Momofuku Seiōbo, where he is at home experimenting with Australian ingredients to discover, learn and celebrate new flavours. Momofuku Seiōbo was named 2016 Gourmet Traveller Restaurant of the Year under Paul’s leadership in the kitchen.

Paul’s Glasshouse Kitchen Dinner with Ana Ross and Jock Zonfrillo is completely sold out, so if you want the chance to try this incredible chef’s work without spending your Frequent Flyer points, this is the night to do it!

Additionally, Thursday night will host two of my favorite celebrity chefs: Sammy and Bella, and I’ve discovered someone new and interesting: Ragini Day. Ragini is the genius behind Naya Bar Adelaide, the creator of Ragini Spice products and has developed a spice appreciation and Indian Cooking school. All these incredible talents can be found in Charred in Victoria Square on Thursday 4th May. You don’t need a reservation just rock up and be hungry!

Play time is over, next week I am hitting the ground running with TWO WHOLE DAYS in the SATC office after Easter, then we move into the Hilton Hotel while the site goes up at Victoria Square! Very exciting, we are getting so close!

Here are some pics I snuck in while at the Sparkle Shop. Have a great Easter long weekend xo




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