Tasting Australia Placement Week 7


Ok. Here is some big news. There are only 8 days to go until the event kicks off! Can you believe it! It has come around so fast! Countdown is on …

I was in the office both Wednesday and Thursday this week, post Easter break, as was Yi, and I finally got to catch up with my peer Ashley, who has been undertaking placement at SATC too, but in the Sponsorship division. Very exciting stuff, she is learning a lot and having an absolute blast. The last two days were very busy so I have a lot to report!

Wednesday was a huge day for me, in the morning I sat down with a confirmed list of DJs playing at Victoria Square throughout the event, and was required to collate their names and schedules into a larger schedule aligning with the other events running through the week. This was a big job because they had changed drastically from the format we had put together a week ago! I attended meetings for the remainder of the day, starting with an ‘All In’ Town Square Work In Progress meeting, to cover run sheets and logistics throughout the week. Starting with Maggie Beer’s Tribute Dinner Marco Pierre White’s FINO Feast events in Barossa, then moving onto Great Wine Voyage, Glasshouse Dinners and Chef Supper Club.

After this, I dashed off to a volunteer briefing with Yi, Ali, and Tamara where we received White Level Training from SAPOL, Occupational Health Safety and Welfare update from Josh, and a training session on disability sensitivity. There are so many volunteers for Tasting Australia this year, which is absolutely incredible, the event couldn’t happen without them and I think it such a wonderfully kind gesture for people of the community to do – taking time out of their busy lives to help at a community event. Its truly a wonderful thing, and I value every volunteers time, energy, and patience.

After the volunteer briefing, I whisked off to a meeting with Maddie and Jimmy from Fruitful Pursuits. Jimmy is managing The Great Wine Voyage – a very exciting event being held to celebrate Adelaide’s recognition as a Great Wine Capital. Guests will roam through Adelaide’s East and West End, sampling one variety of wine, but made by two different producers : one South Australian, and the other International. Then we will put them to the test, and see who can tell which is the local drop. There are 9 different venues selected, each will showcase a different country, all of which are current Great Wine Capitals. This includes Spain, France, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, and Argentina. After guests have circulated the rounds, a bus will take them all back to Town Square where there will be an after party.

My responsibility during this event will be to look after the volunteers and venues, as well as assist with set-up and break-down of the event. At some stage I’m even going to be filling in for the volunteers, so if you’re attending this event, be sure to say hi!

That essentially wrapped up Wednesday. I dashed off at 5pm to meet my conference group at the State Library, and find some food (no time for lunch!).

Thursday I hit the ground running with two boxes of volunteer t-shirts for stocktake and allocation. Maddie was tied up, so Nunz gave me an interesting job. I created a Talent Snapshot for Hitaf – a document with photos of each guest, their events being held at Tasting Australia, and a small biography of their history and achievements. This was a great exercise for me because it helped me to get really familiar with each festival star and learn more about them myself.

Particularly I will be interested to get to meet Thi Le. She owns Anchovy in Melbourne, and was named Gourmet Traveller Best New Talent in 2016. Her cooking style blends Vietnamese and Australian Cuisines. Thi will be cooking in the Glasshouse Kitchen, with Lennox Hastie and Duncan Welgemoed, but she is also featured at Makers at the Market Demo Program taking place in Adelaide Central Market, Tuesday 2nd May.

If you know me, you know I loooove Spanish food, so Frank Camorra was another profile that stood out for me. Frank is from Barcelona and has brought a Southern Spanish style tapas culture to Melbourne in his restaurant Movida. Frank’s first event at Adelaide Central Market is unfortunately sold out BUT there is another opportunity to see him alongside Mitch Orr (The Prince of Pasta!) for The Market Kitchen Chef’s Table.

Steve Flamseed’s kind face has been popping up for me constantly though my work, and I have seen his profile and though ‘gee, he looks like such a nice guy!’. Now that I have had the chance to sit down and read a little more about him, I am looking forward to meeting him at Tasting Australia. Steve is a winemaker and studied at Roseworthy Agricultural College. During these years, he worked for Maggie Beer, as a chef, at Pheasant Farm Restaurant. He was also named Gourmet Traveller’s Wine Maker of the Year in 2016. Steve is co-hosting Two Good Looking Roosters Showcase at Town Square on Sunday 30th April.

After lunch I sat down with Maddie to talk Great Wine Voyage. I am taking on a lot of responsibilities for this event, mostly behind the scenes stuff, but it is crucial non-the-less. At the moment I am putting together a volunteer kit with information on the event, their responsibilities and instructions. This document is being completed completely from scratch, so there is a lot of work involved! I’ve also organised a roster for volunteer breaks, to be covered by the Events SA team.

Next week I will received more information to finish the kit, finalise the volunteer run sheet and be advised of all the venues involved for volunteer allocation. We will also hold a volunteer briefing in the office. Excitingly, from Wednesday onwards, we will be operating from the Hilton Hotel, much closer to Town Square as it goes up next week.

Getting so much closer now, everything is feeling so real! There is so much buzz going on  around town about Tasting Australia, and this is going to be a fantastic event. I really hope you’re keen to get involved, and check out the wonderful demonstrations, shows, and feasts taking place.

Till next week xo



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