Bar Mercato is turning 2!

Have you come to see me at my place of employment yet?

Yes I know, there is actually someone out there who wants to pay me! Once you get over that, head over to Mercato in Campbelltown and grab a cappuccino and a cornetto, or a Spritz and a slice of Margherita from the Bar.

Maria Munari is my wonderful manager and we opened the bar together, the first day of trading was April 27th 2015. We were stationed in the demo kitchen (ask me, I’ll show you) with one rack of bread, three pastries on display and a menu of five panini.

Humble Beginnings! The Pop-Up Bar with Marlene, Dimi, and Vincenzo

Since then we have exploded into a full breakfast and lunch service, a dessert cabinet, extensive daily specials, all day alcohol service, pizza a taglio, and the most delicious Italian pastries in Adelaide. We have a full kitchen making meals, pizza, pastries and cakes from 7:30am until 2:30pm, a Front of House team of over twelve and a massive clientele.

Raffaella in the fully opened and thriving bar on our first birthday, 2016.

As we are turning 2 in the next week I thought I’d share some photos and laughs we’ve had together.


Our first breakfast dish! Uova alla Napoletana




Domenico’s going away present: an apron signed from all of us!
That one day Nat was right and I was wrong …
Raffaella cutting the cake for the staff Christmas Show in 2015.



Pastry Chef John doing a Cannoli and Rum Baba Demonstration
The crew playing Dictionary for Marco’s farewell
The gang gathered at Africola for Domenico’s farewell

I am truly blessed to work in such a fun supportive environment with such amazing people! Thank for the great memories everyone, and being part of my family xo



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